Wood Shakes & Synthetic Composite Materials.

What are Shake Roofs?

bench seatingWood shakes have been used for centuries to make shake roofs. They are split from logs and often left as split to retain the textured, natural effect. Shakes are most commonly made out of Cedar and they date back to the Colonial period when they were a standard roofing solution. While many people like the rustic look of shake roofs there are concerns when it comes to using real wood. Real cedar shake wood shingles can suffer from weathering and durability over time. They also can be a fire hazard if not treated.

To counter these issues and still provide homeowners the benefit of the appealing look of a wood roof. Manufacturers have come up with various solutions like synthetic shake roofing and other composite materials that are created in a way that not only look makes the tiles look like real wood but also provide the long-lasting durability, weather and fire protection.